I greet you brothers and sisters in the Matchless and Most High name of Jesus.  For we know that there is none other name given unto men whereby they must be saved, and in Him lives all power both to be and to do.  As I write unto you today, I am reminded of our brother and fellow apostle who has given us this decree: “I would not have you ignorant concerning spiritual gifts.”  So, in like kind, I today impart unto you the wisdom and revelation of this spiritual gift as given unto me by revelation in the name of the Lord, Jesus.  As He has spoken unto me, so likewise speak I unto you.  For if one of you have need of Him, you need but to seek His servants.  If there be one among you that is oft times in contention with spirits of doubt, fear, torment and such as these and there can be no comfort brought unto him; likewise, if there is one who has a demon or affliction in or of his spiritual self whereby he cannot continue without torment, let him, as to the sick, call upon the elders of the church that they may lay hands on him anointing him with oil that he may be rid of his affliction.  For what saith our Lord of this?  Hath He not given unto us power to do all things?  Hath he not said, cast out all manner of devil and that nothing shall be restrained from us in His name.  Even if we ask the FATHER anything in His name that it shall be done unto us?  Far be it for us to for-bare the authority given unto us by our Lord, even Christ Himself!  Likewise, also if the elders such as be of an holy life, having laid hands and anointed, but still having not the ability to cast out or to heal or in any case decree peace to body and mind, must then submit to one in higher authority than himself.  And why should it not be so?  For there is no need of shamefulness when one has done what GOD has given him as his several abilities allows, but hath still found himself wanting.  Who then is the authority in the body of Christ but the Apostles such as themselves be of good report and full of the Holy Ghost and the anointing of truth and power?  For GOD, even Christ Himself has given unto His apostles the same. 


And to those who speak of such a thing as though it is past time and not for the present age; consider our brother, Paul.  How he, still breathing out slanders and threatenings, was rendered to the ground from his beast and spoken to out of the mouth of our Lord also.  Consider how many doubted, and still some where afraid concerning him.  But GOD, in HIS infinite wisdom and provedence, sent him to another like himself, who He had later revealed Himself to, to lay hands upon him that he may receive sight both natural and spiritual and to understand the height and width and depth of the sufferings he must face for the sake of the Kingdom of GOD, the sake of the ministry, and in point of fact, the glory of GOD.  If Saul then, not ever having been with our Lord in the flesh, but having received The Master Reset of Him by the Holy spirit, became Paul and proceeded to do such great exploits in the body, and having received the gift of GOD and declared to be an apostle by the laying on of hands by one Ananias, how then shall we not receive the same?  No, my friends, as GOD has given to one Apostle Paul, HE has given to those Apostles HE has called to HIMSELF to continue the work of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Remembering that as He was the firstborn of many brothers, I decree and affirm that we are in fact those brothers.  And I, myself being called to apostleship by GOD, and being affirmed by the manifestation of spiritual gifts, in casting out of devils, in prophecy, in knowledge, in wisdom and the abundance of revelations, though I may be called the least of them, because of the abundance of errors, do solemnly attest and affirm the same.


Therefore, if there be one among you possessed with a demon but desiring to be free of it and its exploits, or if there be one bound by witchcraft and none, having tried as written in scripture having the authority or ability to rend the spirit from their mind, body, personage or property, even one who hath a physical deformity or sickness, being brought to them by some evil source and not of GOD, do immediately call for an apostle.  That he may lay hands on them and by whatever means as the Spirit of GOD should speak (for there are many administrations, but the same gift of the self-same spirit), cast out such spirits and make them free of their affliction.  Also, if it is so warranted, let them decree and declare The Master Reset, that they may be made whole.  If this then is your plight, and you have need of The Master Reset, I speak as not all are, seek you out therefore an apostle who is an apostle indeed and an apostle in deeds.  That he may, if ye be found worthy, lay hands upon you for such a decree. 


But take heed not to seek an apostle based on the familiar.  For a true apostle is not one who hath made himself or been made of other self-made apostles for show of men.  Having not wisdom, nor knowledge, neither having revelation, they parade themselves in front of those who would believe in them because of their rings, robes, and possessions.  Taking captive the minds of those blinded by the physical appearance of wealth saying, “See!  This is the show of my apostleship!”  “This is how I know that GOD has called me!”  Thou fool!  Have you not heard that satan himself, even the gods of this world have made his ministers a flame of fire?!  And why would such a thing be?  Simply to entice those who would believe in them for the abundance of possessions.  No, my friends.  When seeking an apostle, look not for gold or silver or status or position as proof.  Rather, look for the fruit of the apostleship:  Laying on of hands, casting out of devils, healings and deliverances in their midst, and above all else, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and revelation!  For these at their root are the very thing that would set an apostle apart for their gifts and abilities.  Lastly, avoid those who hath greedy hands or a proud heart.  For such an one cannot be trusted with The Master Reset.  For their very heart would keep them from apostolic operation in fullness.


Finally, my brothers and sisters, if there be one who is in your midst who believes not, but is inquisitive of GOD as to how the worlds were framed, let him seek for himself a true apostle that he may, with prayer, reveal the mysteries of GOD to him that he may, as Paul did, receive his sight!


Until GOD speaks to me once again telling me to write to you, I pray the peace of GOD, even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rest with you all…


Amen - Apostle J. E. Williams, Sr.'

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