Statement of Beliefs 

1. We believe the bible to be the only infallible written word of GOD.


2. We believe that there is one true GOD, eternally existent in three persons... GOD the Father - GOD the Son - and GOD the Holy Ghost.


3. We believe the only way to be free from sin is through repentance, faith in the precious blood of Jesus, and confession according to Romans 10:8-10.


4. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to GOD, the only Absolute Truth, and the only path to a victorious life both now and in the world to come.


5. We believe the truth of the word of GOD to be the only remedy for the degeneration of our society.


6. We believe the body of Christ is the method in which that truth is to be publicized, spread abroad and shown to the world by example everyday.


7. We believe the truth should always be given in love with conviction not condemnation.


8. We believe the truth is sometimes hard to speak, but still needs to be told.


9. We believe the truth is often hard to hear, but still needs to be heard.


10. We believe the best portrait of this truth is painted when the body of Christ walks in Love, Order, and Victory Everyday. (L.O.V.E.)


And as the word of GOD teaches us we should pray for one another, bear one another’s burdens, confess our faults one to another, consider ourselves as we hear the flaws of our brothers and sisters and restore them in the spirit of meekness.  For but by the grace of GOD... their faults could be our own.

Please visit one of our local churches! 

Real Talk Christian Center - Baltimore

4900 Belair Road Baltimore, MD   Sunday Morning Worship - 12:00Noon Apostle J. E. Williams, Sr. - Pastor 

In His Will Ministries

924 Howe Springs Road Florence, SC Sunday Morning Worship 11:30am   Elder Selena Williams - Pastor

Oasis Of Love Outreach Deliverance

523 Boulevard Road Sumter, SC Sunday Morning Worship - 10:00am          Minister T S Scott - Pastor

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