This is why I go!

This is one of the families who's children come to one of the churches at which I came to minister. They sit blissfully with their mom laughing but apprehensive as we approach. The entire lot is about 30ft x 30ft with 3 structures made of wood planks and covered with tin prices and plastic tarps. The home of the family of 5 is a 20 x 20 plank shack with one small area separated by a curtain. It is also made of planks with old tires on the roof to hold the tarp that keeps rain from coming in. The small center of bricks in the photos is where they cook because even though they are one of few families in this township fortunate enough to have a wood stove, this time of year, it is much to hot to lite it. The Bishop explains that I'd like to take a few photos and that they are not for any "official" purpose and Mama agrees with a sigh of relief as "Officials" taking pictures is never a good thing. In the one picture you see the out house, a 5 x 5 shack with a makeshift commode in the center and old magazines all around. It sits about 8 feet from the front door. None of the houses in this village have indoor plumbing or electricity. The kids sit joyfully eating a spread sandwich of something like margarine. I had It for breakfast as part of my meal and While it's quite tasty, at home we'd hardly call It a meal. But for them It about dinner time. Along The wall in The doorway, which by The way doesn't have a door, but a curtain, and a small glass tabletop that keeps out the dog and chickens, you'll see what look like tomato plants. Although right now, there is no fruit on it. The house its self would never withstand a South Carolina thunderstorm, but for here it is secure enough. In another picture you'll see what looks like the family's main source of income... chickens. Their coop, the 3rd structure on the lot is about half the size of the home its self. The washtub, wheelbarrow and half grocery cart are tools for earning. If they can pick up a few rand doing odd jobs these items may make that job easier. A small garden on the side will provide meals in season and from time to time. It is a blessing to have. Dishes stacked in cupboards can be used or if time are extremely hardship, SOLD at yard sales for a few rand each. Painted numbers identify the house for visitors, but of course there is no postal service. The house is to its best ability neat and clean and the beds are both made. They live poorly, but with pride. There is a dog who seams to only laze around, but he alerts them if something is wrong or someone is coming in unwanted.
They are honest and hard working and though they strive for more, they praise GOD for the little piece they have.
There is another house made of bricks, but still no indoor plumbing. The bathroom a separate structure(outhouse). the washroom is inside, but supplied with water purchased from a vendor down the street whose storefront is also a shack.
Before you say I've chosen the worst of the worst to show you, look also at the pictures that show groups of houses. You'll see they almost all look the same. This township is a 10 minute stroll, less than 2 miles from my hotel which you've seen my earlier pictures. Also, as i talk to the Bishop, I've learned that this is low, but there are many, many others so much lower than this, they cannot be shown.
The brick house is about average housing in this region. Just a step above the place we saw, it is for people who have "regular" jobs. That make about R3500 (Rand) per month.(that's about $255 USD)
STILL... In all this... The gospel heals, the gospel saves, the gospel delivers!!!
And the Word of the Lord came to me saying...
Do the poor need prophecy? Do there people deserve the Word of GOD? Is there a prophet among you that will go to them and place no bounty or tax on them for coming? Is there one who will sacrifice themselves to preach and teach the kingdom to these, the least of my little ones? Will a man rob God? Where is the TITHE of your time and ministry? Was it given to you that you might be fat? And when I heard the voice of the Lord, I said, "here am I Lord! Send me, I'll go!"
On yesterday, I prayed for and ministered to about 200 people. Not preached to that number... The crowd was about 4-500... but prayed for and ministered to them directly one by one and declared in their lives thus sayeth the Lord thy GOD. Now from here I go to Kenya, Ghana, Togu, East Africa, West Africa and South Central Asia(the Philippines) this over the next 6 months. I am a Servant-Son, and I have been arrested for the sake of the ministry!!! I am not my own. For I have been bought with a price! This is why I must preach the gospel!
Please help me to further the kingdom of GOD with your seed offerings and pledges.
Before you say GOD will provide and move on... Remember HE has given it to you, so that you may release it to me!
To GOD be the glory!!! And thank you!
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