The tool you have in your hands is a simple reminder of the need to pray for oneself. That is, pastors, ministers, bishops, even apostles must take time to lay before the LORD and say GOD, today I am here for me! I need help with this or that. I need to hear from YOU for ME.
As you go through this book, take this time to pray for you and your needs. Whether they be family, financial, spiritual, or emotional. "30 days to pray for me" is simply a way to help you focus on self-prayer. Take this time to rebuild, and refill your spiritual fuel tank. We all know we need to pray for others.  But, just remember as you pray for others, you pour into them. And if you constantly pour out and never refill you will eventually become bankrupt.  At that point you won't be able to help anyone...including YOU!
I also urge you to set aside a fast or consecration.  Make up your mind that you will continue it until you have finished this book.  Remember HIS strength is made perfect in our weakness.  I promise you, you won't regret it.
 Also, as you go through this workbook. Take the time to remember when you were the only person you had to or knew how to pray for. When you were so consumed with the things you needed from GOD, that praying for the needs of others took a distant second. List your personal request related to the subject at hand or otherwise. Next, list in the “Faith Builders” section, all the prayers you see answered while going through this book. Most of all. At the end, take a day to reflect on all the answered prayers you have listed and be strengthened by the fact that GOD not only hears you when you pray for others. HE hears you when you pray for you!

 Helen was a real go-getter. Young, smart, and sexy, she had everything she wanted right at her fingertips—a great career, a great condo, and plenty of money in the bank. She was the girl men wanted and women wanted to be like. In a flash, however, her life changed completely. It would never be the way it was for her, or anyone attached to her

The bible says “A man that finds a wife finds a good thing, and favor with the Lord.”  So why then are there so many divorces?  Why are approximately 50% of marriages separating after less than 2 years?  Why do we see the trend of people who love GOD and who seem to love each other fighting over “toothpaste” and “who gets what side of the bed”.  Simple... The reasons for most broken marriages can be traced back to things that were not disclosed, or adequately discussed BEFORE the wedding.  This book was written to preserve the sanctity of marriage by promoting healthy marriages BEFORE the wedding day.  Now understand, this in no way implies that if you are already married and have not done this your marriage is doomed!  It simply means the sooner you apply these princaples, the better off you will be.  If you are already married... YOU STILL NEED THIS BOOK!  Some are simple things like:

  • What is our level of compatability?
  • Where do we want to live?
  • What is the most important  thing in our life?

Then there are the more complex issues like:

  • Do we agree on how to discipline children?
  • Can we have or do we even want children?
  • Are we willing to change how we live
  • Will we be expected to, and to what degree?

You might be suprised at how often the answers to questions like these go unanswered until after the wedding day.  Unfortunatlly in most cases, it can reek havoc on all those involved.  That includes friends, in-laws, children... everyone! 

Unlike many preachers, I don't believe in promoting marriage for everyone just so they can have sex and not be in sin. I believe you should wait for marriage before you have sex (that's Bible 101), but to get married for sex is a disaster waiting to happen. This book is the beginning of you saving yourself from such disasters, which can be the result of many different things. 


  *Is oral sex a sin?
 *Can me and my fiance have sex?
 *Is masturbation a sin?
 *Can a "sexless" marriage survive?
 *Can my wife and I have a "friend" join us in bed?

Have you ever had these kinds of questions and not had anyone to ask? Are you ashamed to ask your pastor. Did you venture out to ask someone only to be put off, or be presented with answers that didn't make common sense. Do you want the real truth? Can you handle the real truth? If your answer is yes, then you've picked up the right book! This tool that you hold in your hand is the beginning of a journey. One that explores the christian sexual relationship in ways you've probably never heard before. It is not some candy coated, indirect, circle of un-discernable part truths that you can't get any real information from. This book and everything in it is real. Paul teaches us that while we should desire the sincere milk of the word, there comes a time when we should be able to endure meat. Well, this book is meat! Very strong meat in fact. So much so that it is not for those with a weak stomach or a sensitive pallet. Consider yourself warned.


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